Marly Bird Turkey Trot 2022

4th Annual Marly Bird Turkey Trot Mystery Make-Along

Everything you LOVE about Turkey Trot Make-Along

served on a Silver Platter

Videos, Charts, Diagrams, Written Pattern, and Extras

available on in one place!

Chaos, Cooking, Casseroles & Cleaning

When the holidays feel overwhelming and

you want an escape, grab your hook or needles and ?

let us come together and make!

Simplify the holiday with all of the Turkey Trot trimmings in one place


Turkey Trot 2022 Knitting, Crochet and Tunisian patterns are all included + plus all the video help and extras just for the Silver Platter VIP's.

Mystery knitting Pattern that takes advantage of shaping to Create a new look on classic motifs

Mystery Crochet pattern with non traditional stacked patterns to create a new fabulous design

mystery Tunisian pattern that explores new shapes and colorwork in a never before seen tunisian design

Make 1 during the event, Make 2 more later!

Having all three patterns in one place + the video content makes it so easy to make the Turkey Trot projects on YOUR time.

Feeling Stressed? It's Fine Dining We Suggest!


Having hosted over 16 mystery make-alongs, Marly and Robyn are masters at creating projects that are easy to understand as well as fun to make while ending up with a statement piece you are bound to receive compliments on while wearing. 

Having met and bonded over their love of teaching crochet, these two entrepreneurs have become the best of friends and business partners.

Partnering under the name Birds of a Feather Productions, these two dynamos have over 17 years of teaching experience in person, online, and in print.

They have seen the frustrations that come with mastering a new craft and have curated courses to help any stitcher become "Bicrafty."

The Turkey Trot Make Along is their latest collaboration designed to keep you stitching happily along amid all the Thanksgiving chaos.


"As an aspiring triple threat fiber artist, the guided video lessons are invaluable to me as I continue to expand my knowledge and experience in knitting, crochet and tunisian."

I truly loved participating in the 2021 Turkey Trot! The Silver Platter experience is such a great value

Give me all the fixin's, please! This is one holiday meal that I don't want to miss!

Tracy A.

Triple Threat Fiber Artist

Laurie W.

Alpaca Wrangler

"Marly’s knit and crochet alongs are ALWAYS

empowering and packed full of new experiences.

I can't wait for this one."

Every step of the way, there are videos to help with any tricky bits to the pattern. It is clear countless hours are spent developing a whole package that goes far beyond a simple pattern or video tutorial.

Marly Bird and Robyn Chachula have joined to create “the gold standard” with knit, crochet, AND Tunisian crochet projects. Together, they can’t be beaten!

The “Silver Platter” experience for 2022 Turkey Trot event will be worth every penny. See you there!

"I always love Marly’s Turkey Trot (and every other event for that matter). She is always encouraging, helpful, and supportive to the participants."

Marly and her team will do everything they can to help people succeed with the patterns and events. I have no doubt the "Silver Platter" Experience will be great!

P.S. My crochet Turkey Trot 2019 is always a big hit. I love getting it out every fall and get compliments every time I wear it. I have made at least 5 since then for various family and friends. You can’t go wrong with a Marly Bird pattern or event!

Ashleigh C.

Captain of the Crochet Meme's

Enough of the chit-chat, let's see the menu!

When you upgrade to Silver Platter Experience you'll get everything you love about

the Turkey Trot Mystery Make-Along served directly to you in the Marly Bird House!

Marly Bird Turkey Trot

Mystery Make-Along for Knitters and Crocheters

⛔️ No more searching through Facebook posts for video tutorials,

no more copy and pasting from the blog post. 

✅ Instead find the carefully curated collection of pattern sections, charts, and videos in one place.

⏰ Save your time for stitching instead of searching through posts to find your next step!

All You Need In One Place


let’s GET DOWN TO The Details

What’s Included In silver platter?

  • Ad Free Knitting Pattern for each day of the event

  • Full PDF Knitting Pattern with schematic, charts, link to stitch fiddle, written instructions

  • Ad Free Crochet Pattern for each day of the event

  • Full PDF Crochet Pattern with schematic, diagrams, charts, written instructions

  • Ad Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern for each day of the event

  • Full PDF Tunisian Crochet Pattern with schematic, diagrams, charts, written instructions

  • Full Tutorial Videos for each pattern (12 videos total)

  • Everything curated and housed in the Marly Bird House

  • ⏰ and everything is available ONLINE to work with YOUR TIME ⏰

⭐️ bonus ⭐️

Bonus: Holidate Knitting Pattern Included


Not sure if you want to do colorwork or texture? Now you can decide which one works best for you!

The Holidate Pattern is a new pattern in addition to the Painted Leaf Pattern.

Thousands of crafters agree this event is amazing Incredible patterns + videos and comradery make Turkey Trot an experience like no other.

Are you excited yet?


What is Turkey Trot with Marly Bird?

Turkey Trot Mystery Make-Along with Marly Bird 2022 is a super fun online event held over the US Thanksgiving weekend for BOTH knitters and crocheters. This year, we are including a pattern for Tunisian crocheters also!

This event has historically been a free event, and this year it is as well, however we are introducing a new upgrade for this mystery make-along. The Silver Platter Experience is a low cost VIP package that includes all 3 patterns, clues presented in ad-free pdf format, videos curated into lessons for each clue, full format ad-free pdf, plus all the chart, diagrams, and schematics.

FAQ image

What is a Mystery Make-Along?

A make-along is when a group of knitters and crochets get together to work on the same project at the same time. In this case we will have one knit pattern, one crochet pattern, and one tunisian crochet pattern. All pieces are the same object but different style. Whether you choose to make one of the patterns or all three we would love you to join us for the fun!

The mystery is that you don't 100% know what you're making as you follow the instructions! But because you are working with others who are also in the dark, the experience is fun!

The beauty of the Silver Platter is that you have all three patterns available to you with unlimited access anytime you want. Pressure to complete any of the projects during the event is eased because you have the information available to you when YOU are ready for it.

FAQ image

What are we making in 2022?

The patterns have been revealed so I can tell you we made a cowl/shawl combo. A piece that will not fall off your shoulders when you are wearing it.

This style of cowl/shawl is showing up all over Ravelry (we didn't know how popular it would be when we chose this) and it has become an instant crowd favorite.

FAQ image

What is the skill level for these projects?

Every year we are very conscientious of the skill level needed for our projects. As we go through the design process we make sure that the projects are achievable by any advanced beginner/intermediate knitter or crocheter

❣️ This year, the tunisian is the most tricky of the three patterns and we suggest you have a confident intermediate level understanding of tunisian if you want to make that project. It definitely will make you level up!

FAQ image

Are there videos to help with each clue?

Yes! There are full CC videos for each clue for each project. These videos will be permanently linked in the Silver Platter Experience, but will only be available on the Marly Bird YouTube Channel for a limited time for the free version of the event.

FAQ image

Where do we get HELP during the event?

Of Course! During the event there are threads opened up every day inside the Marly’s Minions Facebook Group for each craft.

You can ask questions, post progress pictures, and give encouragement in these threads. Make sure you post in the specific Craft and Clue you are working on!


FAQ image

What is the schedule for the Marly Bird Turkey Trot 2022?

Schedule of clues for the Turkey Trot 2022

Each day I will post a link to each clue right on th blog post announcement and in the clue module in the Silver Platter. 

The size of the clues are about the same size as various traditional Thanksgiving dishes (these are some of my favorites at my house). 

✨ Thursday, Nov. 24th @ 7pm ET -- this is a small deviled eggs and stuffed mushrooms 

✨ Friday, Nov. 25th @ 9am ET -- this is a medium a soup & salad 

✨ Saturday, Nov. 26th @ 9am ET -- this is a large the green bean casserole, bread, turkey and stuffing 

✨ Sunday, Nov. 27th @ 9am ET -- this is a medium pumpkin or pecan pie with whip cream

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4th Annual Marly Bird Turkey Trot Mystery Make-Along

Silver Platter Experience

Everything you LOVE about Turkey Trot served on a Silver Platter!


1 Crochet Pattern PDF

1 Tunisian Crochet Pattern PDF

Videos Tutorials (3 classes)






crochet pattern pdf $15

tunisian crochet pattern pdf $15

Videos Tutorials $450

⭐️ BONUS ⭐️ Ravelry coupon $10

Total Value = $510

Today’s Price = $37

Erica J.

Triple Threat Fiber Artist

“...The Silver Platter experience just makes the Turkey Trot even more special!"

I've been around for the Marly Bird Turkey Trot since the beginning. It's a great way to mix the craft you love along with the holidays.




If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason within 5 days of purchase, we will issue you a refund.

Simply send us an email To and we’ll happily give you your money back!


4th Annual Marly Bird Turkey Trot Mystery Make-Along

Silver Platter Experience

Everything you LOVE about Turkey Trot served on a Silver Platter!


1 Crochet Pattern PDF

1 Tunisian Crochet Pattern PDF

Videos Tutorials (3 classes)






crochet pattern pdf $15

tunisian crochet pattern pdf $15

Videos Tutorials $450

⭐️ BONUS ⭐️ Ravelry coupon $10

Total Value = $510

Today’s Price = $37